Feb 28, 2005

Happy B-day, X(HS)!

Happy birthday, X/HS. (I use "Hanyu Pinyin", so for me it's X; some people use "Tongyong Pinyin, for them, it's HS.)

Feb. 28 in Taiwan is a very very very very......significant day historically (the 228 Event). And your birthday is Feb. 28?! Wow!

Happy birthday to you and all the people whose birthdays are also Feb. 28. Hey! What about people whose birthdays are Feb. 29?! Feb. 29 doesn't SHOW UP sometimes, right?

I know those Kansan girls and you are going to celebrate it together. You'll definitely have a ball. Wish I were there....

Last but not least, wish X/HS be happy as immense as the East Sea and live long and happy life! (Fu-ru-dong-hai, Shou-bi-nan-shan!)

Feb 27, 2005

William Jefferson Clinton's Speech in Taiwan

About two hours ago, William Jefferson Clinton gave his speech at Taipei (Taibei) International Convention Center (TICC). I was supposed to be one of the audience there. Unfortunately, I've been busy recently. Besides, it's been raining and cold outside. So I stayed home, listened to his speech on International Community Radio Taipei (Taibei) (ICRT) and watched the live broadcasting of his speech on a TV news channel: TVBS at the same time. I turned on the radio to listen to his own voice, and turned off the volume of the TV set to NOT to hear the Chinese interpreter's interference. In other words, voice from an English radio station; images from a Chinese TV channel.

His speech was concise. He mainly talked about establishing stability and prosperity in the 21st century, non-government organizations (NGOs)' responsibility toward globalization, humanity and economic and democratic development in Taiwan. I admire his charisma. I think he's even much more charismatic than before (when he was still a U.S. president).

Sorry, S, I didn't have a chance to take a picture of him. But I found his pictures at the speech from ETtoday, the website of a Chinese TV news channel, and pasted one of them below:

Former U.S. President Clinton Gave a Speech at Taipei (Taibei) International Convention Center  Posted by Hello

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Feb 26, 2005

Let me begin with the man: Rodman

Look at this, look at the naked Dennis Rodman:
Think Ink, Not Mink

I'll probably print it out and post it somewhere publicly. But where should I post it? A poster of a naked black guy...
I agree with Rodman very much that we should be comfortable in our own skin and let animals keep theirs.

I'm a subscriber of PETA's newsletters. I stopped eating chicken since Nov. 2004, the only meat that I had eaten for years. But I still eat eggs and drink dried milk. Being a vegan or vegetarian (I know there's certain difference between vegans and vegetarians, to some extent) is not difficult at all. I, myself, am pretty much determined, and I'm comfortable with what I'm doing very much.

I consider life of all living animals including human beings valued. That's the reason why. But I never ask people around me to do the same as I do. That's not my intention. The least thing I can do, and I feel I should do is to send the messages like the above one, "Think Ink, Not Mink" out. I believe that messages like that will be received and forwarded, and influence at least a few people.

No, we cannot stop all cruelty. But we can decrease it, can't we?

One of my favorite/funniest pics

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What's up?

What's up, "pimpin'"? Hehe...

The blog thang is smokin' hot, ain't it? Well, after visiting some certain peeps' blogs from time to time, I finally decided to have my own blog. I still have no idea what to write, what to put on here.

I won't just move all my pics all the way from my yahoo photo albums to here. Instead, I'd like this blog to be one of the most convenient ways for my past-current-and-future friends and me to keep in touch with one another. I'd like to not only put my own stuff, write my own things, but also post some articles, issues for people to discuss, share their points of view. So, when you're surfing on the Internet, stop by sometimes and leave your messages.

Let us build a commmunity here. And the community includes you. How's that?