Mar 29, 2005

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The Simplicity of Love

"Do you understand what simple love is? Not the complexity of sexual love, nor the love of God, but just love, being tender, really gentle in one's whole approach to all things. At home you don't always get this simple love, your parents are too busy; at home there may be no real affection, no tenderness, so you come here with that background of insesitivity and you behave like everybody else. And how is one to bring about sensitivity? Not that you must have regulations against picking the flowers; for when you merely restrained by regulations, there is fear. But how is there to come into being this sensitivity which makes you alert not to do any harm to people, to animals, to flowers?" (Krishnamurti, 1964, "The Simplicity of Love", Think on These Things, p. 190)

There're hundreds of thousands types of love. Usually, people refer love to love relationship/girfriend boyfriend thing. I remember when N. in Astoria NY asked me, "how about love?" I asked back, "What kind of love?" She said, "boyfriend girlfriend love". I said, "That's the least thing I care about."

I agree with Krishnamurti on "...just love, being tender, really gentle in one's whole approach to all things". I think we should learn how to love starting from that. If someday I have children, I'll teach them how to love starting from "being tender, really gentel in one's whole approach to all things". I belive by doing so, they'll love you back spontaneously, wholeheartedly, not because you ask, you force them to love you back.

This is love, also:
The Jane Goodall Institue

(I may not be a happy person. But I shall never stop learning how to love.)

Mar 28, 2005

Are You Happier Now?

Time: About 5:45 a.m. Monday morning (in Taiwan)/ 4:45 p.m. Sunday (Easter Sunday) afternoon (in NY)
Over the phone...
N: Are you happier?
Yu-hua: I don't know.
N: That's a good answer!
Yu-hua: "I don't know." Is that a good answer?!?!?
N: Of course "I am" is better, but "I don't know" is a good answer.

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The Only Man Who Makes Me Feel So Sexy, Maxwell

Sometimes, I listen to Maxwell's soothing and sexy tunes when I'm drinking Maxwell (coffee). Sometimes, I listen to Maxwell when I was showering.
Maxwell, the only man who makes me feel so sexy!

Mar 27, 2005


The following are three messages posted on a radio station's forum ( . The firs tone is posted by me. The second is one a reply from somebody. The third one is my reply to him:

"Uncovered: Celebrating Women in New York City: The women I have photographed all mention the liberation they feel while posing topless in public. Having covered themselves up for a lifetime, it is exhilarating to shatter the walls that society has placed around them. I hope that when people view this work, they get a sense of that exhilaration. Because it can be intoxicating, and inspiring." -jordan matter photography-

Hi this is a great link to me for Photographs about the New York .I think that this is one of reason you love it so much about NY.Are you intend to be the model one day? UncoveredPlease let me know I love to see it.The photographs are so natural and beautiful.Many thanks for sharing this.

yes. 'tis true.'tis one of the reasons why i luv ny so's said that when you have an idea about something you probably can do (in ny), a person or some people has/have already done that somewhere (in ny). to be a model? no. i'm not tall enough. i'm not good looking. but i do dream to settle down there someday, thus i can take pics of different subway/street artisits each and every day. collect them, and probably display them somewhere at a subway station (just for fun, just for my own purpose, not to make $)then, again, i had this thought. will there a person do exactly what i just said before i do it? nice meeting you here on icrt's website.

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Feeling So....Jazzy?

"Georgia.......Georgia............Georgia on my mind..........."

April is coming. I'm feeling so......"jazzy"?
Been downloading songs from Kuro (N.T.$ 500/U.S.$ 15.9134 per 6 months, UNLIMITED).
Most of them are jazz, vocal jazz, mostly, female vocal, such as Diana Krall.
Well, I admit that I favor female voice/vocal. :)
But my favorite album/cd right now at this moment is Ray Charles' "Genius Loves Company".
Then, again, those songs with female vocals are my favorites: "Here We Go Again" by Ray Charles featuring Norah Jones, "You don't know me" by Ray Charles featuring Diana Krall and "Fever" by Ray Charles featuring Natalie Cole.

Oh, yeah, Diana Krall's coming to Taiwan!!! I didn't have time to go to Norah Jone's concert in Taibei(Taipei). Hope I'll have time to go to Diana Krall's. A couple of my friends have already decided to go there, and asked me "are you going?"

Mar 19, 2005

How would you spend the money?

My parents own a small bookstore (a small, traditional one, not like those big chain bookstores at all). They started running it years before my brother was born (my brother is 4 years older than me).

The other day, my mom said somebody anonymously mailed to my dad 300 N.T. dollars (equal to 9.6649 U.S. dollars) along with a short note saying something like "I apologized that I stole one N.T. 5-dollar (U.S. 0.1611 dollar) notebook years ago when I was just a junior high schooler. I then fogot about it. Let me pay you back N.T. 300 dollars (U.S. 9.6649 dollars). Forgive me."

I laughed out loud after I read the note. My mom gave me the money and the note (along with the envelope).

I didn't feel comfortable spendning the money for myself. So, I transferred the money plus my own N.T. 200 dollars to a "children's house"/orphanage in Xin-ju. Well, 500 N.T. dollars, that's not much, just equal to 16.1082 U.S. dollars. But I no longer feel uncomfortable and bewildered about how to spend the money.

Mar 16, 2005

D@mn! That was awesome!

"Uncovered: Celebrating Women in New York City: The women I have photographed all mention the liberation they feel while posing topless in public. Having covered themselves up for a lifetime, it is exhilarating to shatter the walls that society has placed around them. I hope that when people view this work, they get a sense of that exhilaration. Because it can" be intoxicating, and inspiring. -jordan matter photography-

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Mar 15, 2005

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What do you mean by happiness? What's the meaning of life?

What do you mean by happiness?
What makes you feel happy?
When none of the earthy things in the world makes you feel happy, how can you and how are you giong to seek happiness? (I've been keeping this thought for a long long long long long long time. Since exactly when? I don't know.)

On the night of Dec 31, 2004, on my way to Times Square for News Year's celebration, I was stopped by N.'s daughter, V. (at that time, a totally stranger to me).
V: You're smiling from here (pointing her mouth), not from here (pointing her chest).
V: How long have you been like this?
Y: A long time ago, probably,......since childhood.

(For me), there're a lot of obligations for being a human being. Do I really want to eat? Do I really want to drink? Do I really want to study? Do I really want to make big money? Do I really want to sleep? Do I really want to have sex? Do I really want to......blah...blah....? I JUST NEED TO FEED THIS BODY, THIS HUMANLY BODY, THIS EARTHY THING. But do I really care about it, do I really like it, do I really want it?

I saw/see people and animals suffer in their life. So what the heck is the meaning of life? Why are we in the world?

The only time when I feel happy is when I give out my love, when I do a small deed to help others (including animals). But the duration of happiness is rather short. I feel that I have to do other things to help people and animals again and again and again and again......., so I can have the short happiness again and again..........But there're still a lot more that are in need, countless. There're a lot of things are beyond of my ability.

How did and why does all this (everything/everyone on earth) happen?
What's the meaning of life?
What's happiness?
Why am I herer for? Is there a reason why I'm here? What's my mission?

ps. must think of one earthy thing that makes me happy? music. (if you think that's an earthy thang)

Mar 6, 2005

Asexual? What?

"Asexual individuals may feel awkward in situations where they are called upon to express their sexuality or may avoid such situations altogether, often leading to feelings of isolation and confusion." (One Page Handout, Asexual Visibility and Education Network)

Rather than sexual relationship and physical attraction, I find much more pleasure in close friendship or relationship which "blurs the line". I consider spirituality valued. In the meantime, I still flirt. I'm good at telling dirty jokes (my friends know that well, hehe). Does that mean I'm asexual? Don't know.

But I bet this term, "asexual", will be as prevalent as "blog" soon. It's foreseeable that "heterosexual", "homosexual" and "bisexual" will probably be cliche and superseded by "asexual".

Mar 3, 2005

Not Just a Psychic, but a Psychic Friend

I just called my psychic friend, N. in Astoria, NY. How did we become friends? Well, I don't know. We just became friends. Before I left NY for LA, we met a couple of times at her shop. We still keep in touch with each other even now I'm in Taiwan.

The day we posed together for the picture, we were both in the same color, black. I didn't know she would be in black. It was just a coincidence, I think.

I don't know when I'll have a chance to go back to NY, but I'm sure I'll stop by and knock at her door then. I like her. She made me laugh. The 40-year age gap between us is no big deal.

She said she's a true psychic on her name card. I said I'm a true friend on my letter to her. :)

(If anyone of you reads the entry and, by accident, is located in NY, when you have a chance to, please take the subway R train uptown to Queens to Steinway St., get off, walk straight. You'll see Victoria's Secret on your right-hand side. And her shop is around there across the street. Go there and send my greetings to her for me, and get to know her yourself.)

A True Psychic and a True Friend, Astoria, New York

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Mar 2, 2005

Say Hell No To J.Lo!

Say Hell No To J. Lo!
Say Hell No To J. Lo!
Say Hell No To J. Lo!

Word, Word! I Mean True, True!

The following is a thread posted by somebody on a forum on ICRT's website. I found it pretty much interesting, or better yet, pretty much true. Sometimes, looking on the dark side of life with a bright attitude is not bad. It's even better! At least, by doing so, we're less stressed for a while, "recharged", and then, continute to "function":

Save water. Shower with your girlfriend.
Love the neighbor. But don't get caught.
"Your future depends on your dreams." So go to sleep.
Behind every successful man, there is a woman.And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two.
Love is photogenic. It needs darkness to develop.
Children in backseats cause accidents. Accidents in backseats cause children.
Every man should marry. After all, happiness is not the only thing in life.
The wise never marry, And when they marry they become otherwise.
"Work fascinates me." I can look at it for hours!
"Hard work never killed anybody." But why take the risk?
Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives.
Never put off the work till tomorrow what you can put off today.
There should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning.
Money is not everything. There's Mastercard & Visa.
A dress is like a barbed fence. It protects the premises without restricting the view.
God made relatives; Thank God we can choose our friends.
When two's company, three's the result!
The more you learn, the more you know, The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why bother to learn.

Mar 1, 2005

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My Dearest Wawa

The other day, I was flipping trough my senior high school class book published Haha, did I just INDIRECTLY revealed my age?! Yup, I graduated from senior high in 1997. And I'm one year older than X/HS.

I was like, hum...this cute guy, yeah, I remmeber him. hum...this pretty lady, yeah, she's adorable, etc., etc.. Suddenly, I found my own pic there. No, not just me in the pic, it's Wawa and me! Year 1997, oh yes, my sister came back home and brought back Wawa together in 1996. And that pic of me and Wawa was taken by my sister. I've almost already forgot about the pic! Wawa looks so so tiny and cute in the pic. At that time, we still didn't have any digital camera. I must find out the papered pic, scan it and post it here.

I remember Wawa was pretty shy and quiet (just like me) at that time. But she's also strong and independent. She's never afraid of being given an injection by the veterinarian. She recovered soon after the operation. She underwent an operation before my sister went to the States. I was really sad when my sister asked me, "if Wawa died, would you want to have another dog in the future?" Thank my family members and the veterinarian, they all took good care of Wawa. She recovered pretty soon.

My sister went to the States to have her first trip to the there. I was her personal tour guide. We travelled a little bit in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles. When we came back home, we saw not a TINY but a FAT Wawa. My mom wanted Wawa to get strong again so she fed Wawa much in each meal. But my sister and I both thought Wawa should lose some weight. Fat Chihuahuas don't look nice. Well, we both took Wawa to the park to take a walk from time to time. Wawa looks great!

But in the meantime, we also feel that Wawa's old. She walks a lot slowlier than before. That's because of the degeneration of her eyes. When we three were walking, Wawa followed my sister, and I follwed Wawa. Wawa walked in between us, so she can feel safe. She's old. I know she'll leave me/us one day. But honestly, I'm not ready for that yet. Hope in the following 5 years or even longer, she's still part of my/our life. I know she will. I have the faith in her.