May 30, 2005

Don't Miss Them Out!

i'd vote the two for the best websites/webpages in may, 2005.

the east (china) + the west...
jazz in paramount/bai(the 3rd tone)-le(the 4th tone)-men(the 2nd tone) in shang(the 4th tone)-hai(the 3rd tone), china in the 1930s...
click here to listen to a lil bit of a few songs connected together...
[not only xin-zhu k. but also kansas s. replied me and said they love it! i myself especially like the 3rd, 4th and 5th tunes there.]

something hilarious (made in korea)
[my korean friend in the states liked it a lot!]

May 14, 2005

I'm Such a Good Poet!

I've been having a bad headache, and been sleeping for the whole day and night. I got up only to have the lunch and dinner. I was still a little uncomfortable one hour ago. Maybe I was umcomfortable because of the weird weather? It's been raining hard off and on for 2 days!!! At the moment I'm writing, it's still raining! The headache just gone, totally gone. Then I read the e-mail from Kansan S. again. She said, "Ill leave for Atlantic City, NJ on Wednesday! It's about an hour's drive from NYC... I should go on in, huh??" Oh, NYC, my favorite city in the world! Of course she should go there! I replied her with a short poem composed by myself plus a compliment to myself:

go to atlantic city,
lose all your money,
bring yourself cutie,
to the big apple continuing the jorney

i'm such a good poet! ^_____^

May 9, 2005

Brother, Lunch at a Japanese Restaurant in Xin-zhu, Mother's Day 05082005 Posted by Hello

Me, Grandpa(born in 1914) and Sister, Lunch at a Japanese Restaurant in Xin-zhu, Mother's Day, 05082005 Posted by Hello

Dad and Mom, Lunch at a Japanese Restaurant in Xin-zhu, Mother's Day, 05082005 Posted by Hello

May 8, 2005

Deng, Li-jun, the Greatest Singer Ever in Asia

Time flies. Deng(with the 4th tone), Li(with the 4th tone)-jun(with the 1st tone)/Teresa Deng died on May 8, 10 years ago at the age of 42. She's the greatest singer ever not only in Taiwan but also in many other countries in Asia. Yes, she was born in Taiwan. Her nationality is Taiwan. I just got home from the Mother's Day celebration for my mom. I'm writing my blog and listening to Deng, Li-jun's songs. Listening to her songs on the night of Mother's's both meaningful and enjoyable. I'm so proud of being of Taiwanese origin. I even sent 2 songs I liked very much by Deng, Li-jun to one of my MSN Messenger buddies, Philadelphia A (an African-American man) in the States over MSN Messenger. Hope he likes them.

Listen to some of Deng, Li-jun's songs online

Something About Deng, Li-jun (in English)

Deng Li-jun Foundation (in Chinese) Posted by Hello

May 3, 2005


Big Band Story Vol. 2 Posted by Hello
in the Hot Hot summer...

Big Band Story, Vol. 2
The Walker Big Band

Another Pic of C Not in My Photo Albums

Kansan C. Posted by Hello
Is she saying "you are MEAN"? Like she always said to me, huh?
Thank you, X/HS for e-mailing me the pic.

A Pic of C. Not in My Photo Albums

Kansan C. and D. Posted by Hello
C. is 6 years and 9 months younger than me. AaAaWwWw!
Thank you, X/HS for e-mailing me the pic.

May 2, 2005

Four "titude"s to be kept in mind

Four "titude"s to be kept in mind

Mild attitude
Firm fortitude
Sincere gratitude
Versatile aptitude

By Lin, Yu-hua (lyh0626), 2005, All Rights Reserved