Sep 20, 2005

Deng, Li-Jun

Deng, Li-Jun
(Click on "songs" there. Right-click on any file/song you see. Copy and paste it onto your computer desktop. I didn't make the website. I found it by accident.)



"Teresa Teng (Teresa Deng/ Deng, Li-Jun/ Teng, Li-Chun)- The greatest Singer ever!
One who hasn't heard of Teresa Teng's songs does not know what a great voice can do to a song. All self proclaimed great singers out there should kneel before teresa's grave and listen to her enchanting songs before asserting of oneself's singing status. Yes, she passed away from an asthma attack a few years ago, but her legacy remains. She has a naturally beautiful voice, unlike some great singers who have to fake theirs. She's well known and well praised throughout asia and that includes all respectable singers in asia. I have collected about 60 or so of her popular songs, mostly in Mandarin. But, she has also recorded songs in other languages/dialects including: Taiwanese(Hokien), Cantonese, Japanese, and yes, English too. My collection of her songs are in "mp3" format which I downloaded through Napster. Not all her songs are great, but they are the best they can be."

Source: Teresa Teng

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