Jan 31, 2006


If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Six Most Important Men in a Woman's Life

THE DOCTOR because he says ''take your clothes off.''
THE DENTIST because he says ''open wide.''
THE HAIR DRESSER because he says ''do you want them teased or blown?"
THE MILKMAN because he says ''do you want it in the back or in the front?''
THE INTERIOR DECORATOR because he says''once it's in you'll love it.''
THE BANKER because he says ''if you take it out too soon you'll lose interest."

Two more from moo_goo:
THE POLICE OFFICER because he says, "Spread 'em"
THE TELEPHONE GUY: Because he says, "Would you like it on the table or up against the wall?"

Jan 29, 2006

Fred Rogers' Thoughts on the First Day of Chinese New Year

"As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has—or ever will have—something inside that is unique to all time. It's our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression." - Fred Rogers (1928 - 2003), children's television producer and celebrity, star of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

More from Fred Rogers

Happy Chinese New Year!
(01/29/2006 in solar calendar is 01/01/2006 in lunar calendar/the 1st day of Chinese New Year)

Jan 27, 2006

New Year's Wishes

New Year's Wishes to all Vegtomato Authors/Contributors, including Me from the Founder of Vegtomato, Patrick, Who Is Currently in Minnesota, the U.S. (picture taken in Rice Park, St. Paul, Minnesota)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jan 14, 2006

Lai-Fu's Funeral

We (my mother, my elder brother, my elder sister and I) went to Love Pet this morning for Lai-Fu's funeral.
We love you, Lai-Fu.
Best wishes to you, Lai-Fu on your journey afterwards.
You like grass.
You like running and playing on the grass.
Hope you'll have fun running and playing on the grass in another new place/world.
We'll miss you.


Thank you, Lai-Fu for Keepking us Company for So Many Years!

Mom and Lai-Fu (taken in2004)

Certificate of Achievement for Hakka Proficiency

Certificate of Achievement for Hakka Proficiency at the Primary Level

Exchange Student, PSU

Exchange Student

Elementary School Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teacher
Tou-Fen Elementary School

Certificate of Achievement



Providence University
Shalu Township
Taizhong County

Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Participation
40 Hours of English Language Study
New York University (NYU)

Certificate of Honor

Representative of the Sophomore Class
Section A



Jan 11, 2006

Mom and Lai-Fu (taken in2004)

Mom and Lai-Fu (taken in2004)

來福, 謝謝妳陪伴我們那麼多年!/Thank you, Lai-Fu for Keepking us Company for So Many Years!

Our 13-year-old Lai-Fu left us/the world this afternoon because of a car accident. We 'll miss her. Thank you, Lai-Fu for keeping us company for so many years. We love you! Lai-Fu's funeral will be held on this Saturday morning. (I'll come back here later and write more in English.)

下午我剛從補習班打完卡, 剛下班, 才走出來沒多久, 我姊姊打電話給我, 說我們家來福在出車禍, 離開了.十三歲的來福, 陪伴我們那麼多年, 就這樣走了, 我覺得好可惜.不過, 早上一大早, 我有見到來福最後一面, 我一大早到我爸媽的書店去影印, 看到來福, 蹲下來摸摸牠, 習慣性地將我的臉湊到牠的臉, 平常我做這個動作的時候, 牠會把臉偏過去另一邊, 今天早上牠沒有, 我那時有覺得一點點怪怪的. 我回到家之後, 我媽有哭. 但是我從聽到消息到現在, 都沒有哭, 因為我希望來福好走, "順走", 我反而很平靜, 心裡一直想著一些善念的, 正向的, 感謝的話給來福, 希望多給牠一些正向的能量.

育華將這篇在2005年8月刊登於蕃茄小屋網站的文章, 獻給陪伴我們家人多年的來福, 謝謝來福. 當時我是偶然發現一本好書:"陪牠到最後". 很遺憾的是, 育華沒能夠陪來福到最後, 星期六早上我們會將來福火化, 送來福最後一程. 育華對來福的愛, 都在這篇文章裡面, 跟大家分享:
陪牠到最後:動物的臨終關懷 (寫於2005年7月, 2005年8月刊登


如果你也有養寵物的話, 多珍惜跟牠(們)在一起的時光喔! :)

Jan 9, 2006

Invitation to a Humanitarian Project

(originally, an email message)

My Dearest Friends in Taiwan and the States,

How’s the new year been treating you? Hope the first week of 2006 was nice to ya.

I’ve got an idea (a humanitarian project) and shared it with a couple of friends of mine. We thought it’s feasible. Therefore, I write this email as an invitation to sincerely invite each one of you to join the project.

Project title: Love around the World (It’s just a tentative name.)

Starting date: The moment you decide to join it (Anytime!)

Qualifications: As long as you’re a human being on earth (Anyone!)

Places: You decide it. (Anywhere!)

Activities: Any benevolent actions, (NOT ONLY “benevolence”, BUT ALSO “actions”!) e.g. Spending a morning or an afternoon or just a few hours in an orphanage or an old folks’ home chatting, playing, keeping company with them. You can think of anything you can do within your ability. Anything! Anything beyond your “9-5 job”, “recreation”, “entertainments”, etc! The point is “ACTION”. Love is not just a noun; it’s also a verb!

Frequency/Time: once a month

Equipment: (1) a digital camera or a cell phone which can take pictures, (2) a computer

(1) If you don’t have a digital camera, borrow one from your friend, family member or co-worker ONLY for your activity for the project, and return it to him or her immediately afterwards.

(2) After attending the activity, you are to write your reflections on it and email your reflections to me.

My job is like being an editor editing, commenting and posting REAL-LIFE stories from you. Stories including pictures and your reflections will be posted on my blog (http://lyh0626.blogspot.com/).

If you’re shy and wouldn’t like people to see how gorgeous or handsome you are, your pictures won’t be posted on it. But you still have to email them to me as evidence. Only your reflections will be posted on it.

Your name shown will be like “place + initial”, e.g. “Miaoli M.”, “Tainan S.”, “New York J.”, etc.

What do you think of this project? Is it good? If you have any idea or any suggestion, please feel free to email me.

If you decide to join this project, PLEASE DO write me back, and get ready for your activity/task in January. I plan to report the first stories in early February!