Mar 28, 2006

can't handle too many things/play too many roles at the same time

I emailed Vegtomato last night by saying that I had to "temporarily" say goodbye to it. From March 2005 to February 2006 I translated a long article each month for Vegtomato. In late Februay this year I did not submit/email the translated work to Vegtomato for its March edition. It's late March now. I did it again. I officially said goodbye (well, hope it's "temporary") to it last night. One thing is for sure: I was a vegan; I am a vegan; I will be a vegan.

I chatted with one of my co-workers at a (private) langauge school / bu-xi-ban a little bit about my being an English tour guide last year. That was really a tiring task. I lost some weight after each tour. But I enjoyed touring different places with people from all over the world. I sort of miss it now. I still received/receive phone calls or email from The Tourist/Tour Guide Association, R.O.C. to ask me if I had/have time for tours. Well, well, well, my schedule is full of various kinds of English lessons (TOEIC, GEPT, conversation, tutoring) to teach in different places. So, my answer is: I would like to, but I could not. Again, I hope I can do it again sometime in the (near or far) future.

Right now I am enjoying my teaching job VERY MUCH! I am enjoying being with all my students in class. They teach me a lot.

My next step? Well, the nearest one is to take the TOEIC test again and get a score higher than 935 (the score I got last time on February 26 this year). I would like to defeat the biggest enemy, myself again and again. To me it is like the circulation of "death and revival". Die, revive, die, revive, die, revive, die, revie ... . It is endless (and may or may not end when I finally leave the world). In this process, I hope each new Yu-Hua is better than the previous Yu-Hua.

By the way, what's my sign? Am an atypical/freak Cancer! :)

Mar 24, 2006




Mar 21, 2006


TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) SCORE REPORT
Listeing: 470 (85/100)
Reading: 465 (92/100)
Total: 935
CEF (A Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Learning, Teaching, Assessment): C1

(Full score: 990)

Mar 15, 2006

La Nina?

Don't you think it's just too cold? The winter isn't over yet? It's mid-March now. Why? Is it because of "La Nina"? I heard that scientists predicted that the interval between occurrence of "El Nino" and that of "La Nina" will be shorter and shorter from now on. How scary.............

Mar 14, 2006

butt slapped

Somebody (well, one of my co-workers) scared me by slapping/patting my right butt earlier tonight when I was attentively reading the info on the bulliten board. Ouch! I liked that! Nah! I mean, ouch, you scared me! Haha! How dared ya?! You had a crush on me or what?! (Just kidding!) :)

Mar 12, 2006


A forwarded message from Joseph in Taibei/Taipei.
Thanks for sharing, Jo.


Deepak Chopra, medical doctor and proponent of alternative medicine, calls journaling "one of the most powerful tools we have to transform our lives," but don't just take his word for it. Start one. Journaling helps release and process emotions, it provides clarity and can help you find your inner voice.

"Your writings, musings and doodles are a way to talk to your soul," writes Sandy Grason in "Journalution."

There is no best or right way to journal. Pick a medium -- a spiral notebook, a blank book labeled "diary," drawing paper, a computer -- then write whatever you want whenever the mood hits.

Don't know where to start? Write what you eat every day. (It could help you lose weight.) Write what you do. Write what you feel. Eventually, journaling will become a natural habit, a conversation with yourself. And although you might not want to go back and re-read some of the darker moments you've chronicled (feel free to rip these pages up), your journal inevitably will preserve precious snapshots of your life.

Mar 10, 2006

helena nelson-reed (from Every Woman Is a Goddess)

(Originally from Every Woman Is a Goddess)

"Helena describes her approach:

Archetype and myth are the human experience and universal truth of our collective subconscious. Like ancient tales, my paintings are inspired by actual events, personal experiences, or those of individuals I've known. I consider myth a guidebook of possibilities for navigating life's maze and moving past personal paradigms. Sooner or later we all participate in someone else's myth, and they in ours. Fairies, tricksters, wise fools; in such guises we travel to strange places, encounter shape shifters and magical beings. Goddess energy manifests as a coiled spiral of power and force to be reckoned with; flexible, fluid, and resilient, and this concept appears in my art via archetype. Life has taught that reality (well, mine at least) can shift radically in the wink of an eye. A common example is when catastrophe or a series of lesser but life altering events occur, initiating the falling away of cherished identities. Ideologies and dogmas prove flawed, support systems fail, friends may desert, and belief systems no longer support actual experience. When the veil is torn and one's belief/identify is revealed as illusion, what's left? When I stay conscious (not always an easy thing to be) and in the present, observing my life spiral coil and uncoil, the heart and inner eye are cleared and opened by what I feel beneath the intellect. Like Persephone released from her subterranean nightmare, there is light at the end of the tunnel, a new reality, and thus greater capacity for growth, joy and life. The story isn't over, however. The Divine Feminine is cyclic in nature and thus nothing is permanent, eventually the cycle will begin anew and yet another veil unravels and falls away. Keep Creating and Expect the Unexpected!

Her personal sites:

posted by Creatrix (aka Jennifer) at 8:42 AM"


My Comment on it:


lyh0626 said...
this is another thread made me stop and ponder for a while. the whole thread. term especially caught my eyes. there're "wise fools". how about "foolish wisers"? me? not foolish, yet not wise. :) goddesses/ladies, keep going! keep up the good work (whatever it is)!

6:51 AM"

Mar 9, 2006

Lin, Yi-Jie/Keven Lin

The Official Website of Lin, Yi-Jie/Keven Lin

Mystical Oriental Meditation Music/Tune神秘東方冥想樂音Purple China《紫色中國》

神秘東方冥想樂音《紫色中國》Mystical Oriental Meditation Music/Tune: Purple China
Just click on the title above. Don't worry about the Chinese characters. Let the music play automatically. The very first tune is my favorite.

2006 雅 歌 詩 意

2 0 0 5 雅 歌 詩 意

2 0 0 4 雅 歌 詩 意


Mar 8, 2006

"Ladies, go after your dreams."

"Ladies, go after your dreams." -Kella at ICRT, 03/08/2006

luv that! :)


why is a person a perSON?
why are women woMEN?
why is a manager a MANager?

well, still happy international women's/LADIES' day!

A big shout out to all my students

My Dearest TOEIC, GEPT, Conversation, KK/Phonics and Tutorial Students,

Thanks for attending my class. I really hope you DO learn things from it.

In the process of learning lessons at school as well as lessons in life, I've been impressed by many teachers, mentors and friends. (Some play/played the three roles at the same time. Yup, three-in-one!) I'm grateful for that.

I ALWAYS expect myself to be one of the people who impresses my students as a teacher, mentor and friend. (Again, three-in-one!) I won't grow without your support and comments. So, if you have any comment, don't hesitate to write to me.

Luv y'all!


Mar 5, 2006

North Country

(Almost) everyone's talking about "Brokeback Mountain". (Honestly), I'm not interested in it at all. Instead, I'm looking forward to seeing "North Country". It's going to be released on March 10 here in Taiwan. When was last time I went to see a movie? Sometime in the year before last year, probably.

North Country


Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law

Mar 1, 2006

V-Day Taipei 2006 proudly presents a benefit production

"V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. It promotes creative events that create awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. Every year, productions of Eve Ensler’s award-winning play, The Vagina Monologues, are staged all over the world to raise money for local anti-violence organizations. On a global level, V-Day commits ongoing support to build anti-violence networks, from helping open Egypt and Iraq’s first women’s shelters to convening the “Confronting Violence” conference of South Asian woman leaders."

Show info

The Ten-Point Escape Plan: Taipei

The Ten-Point Escape Plan: Taipei
For some, Shanghai is already over. Next up? The dumplings and reptile venom of Taiwan’s buzzing capital.
By Rich Beattie