Feb 28, 2007

Domain name's working

Now, it's working. Type "linyuhua.net" in the URL blank, it'll lead you here. It's easy to remember (as long as people remember my name). From now on, I'll give people asking for my blog "linyuhua.net" instead of "lyh0626.blogspot.com".

Feb 23, 2007


I think I've never mentioned this before on my blog.

I hope by the end of 2007 (or even earlier than that) I will have finished 100 poems (maybe 50 Chinese ones plus 50 English ones; probably 60 Chinese ones and 40 English ones; perhaps 70 Chinese ones plus 30 English ones). And then, I can have my (first) book published. The book might include poems, narration and illustrations.

I don't know if the dream will come true, but I know if I don't do it, if I don't try to make it happen, it'll never happen.

Not that ..., but that ...

Not that I like being called a Chinese less,
but that I like being called a Taiwanese more.

Not that I love China less,
but that I love Taiwan more.

Not that I know China less,
but that I know Taiwan more.

Not that I am interested in Chinese culture less,
but that I am interested in Taiwanese culture more.

- Lin, Yu-Hua


In a week or two, the address of my blog will be changed from (lyh0626.blogspot.com) to (linyuhua.net). What about the contents of the blog? Don't worry. Everything will still be the same. People who try to log on to (lyh0626.blogspot.com) will be redirected to (linyuhua.net) then.

Feb 21, 2007

Wish for the Year of Pig


Whether you are RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES, SWIMMING WITH THE SHARKS or FLOATING WITH THE FLOTSAM, in the Year of Pig, I just want to wish you LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). I wish myself a LOHAS, too.

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!

Feb 17, 2007

Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year!

If you live in New York or New Jersey like my aunt and her family do, visit Chinatown in the next week. February 17, 2007 is December 31 2006 on the Chinese/lunar calendar. Chinese speakers, including Taiwanese celebrate the Lunar New Year for about one week. Go visit Chinatown for acitivities for the Lunar New Year. Celebrate and have fun with them together! For more information on it, please lick on the icon below:

If you live/are staying in Taiwan, log on to Taipei/Taibe City Government for the activity schedule:

Chinese New Year - Many Celebrations in One

2007 Taipei International Lantern Festival

Feb 16, 2007


- by Lin, Yu-Hua


Feb 12, 2007



- by Lin, Yu-Hua



Feb 5, 2007

TOEIC Class Coming in Mid-March

*新竹自學班: 3月18日 Sunday
報名: lyh626@hotmail.com

目的 ** 不想去補習班, 想有彈性、準備在家自學者. 理解多益測驗的學習方向, 讓自己在家中學習期間, 利用有限的時間與教材, 聰明並且 有效準備多益toeic測驗

Syllabus 新竹班課程大綱/講師 Yu-Hua
Hour 1: Introduction to the TOEIC Test and Experience Sharing
Hour 2: Photographs and Questions/Responses (Listening)
Hour 3:Error Identification, Sentence Completion (Reading)
Hour 4:Short Conversations and Short Talks (Listening)
Hour 5:Short Passages (Reading), Q&A and Sincere Reminder before Taking the Test

※ Each hour is divided into two sections: a 55-minute lecture plus a 5-minute break.
※ 每小時分成兩個階段:授課五十五分鐘,休息五分鐘。

--上課人數10人以上開課 每班人數上限20人 (額滿時, 請等下次)
--費用900元 講義影印費100元 合計1000元 --地點 台北市 教室 忠孝捷運站附近. 新竹班 新竹火車站附近

多益測驗補給站/TOEIC Talk

Sincerely, 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica

Feb 3, 2007

Joke 02032007

"和美女睡,興奮到死...和醜女睡,生不如死....和辣妹睡,累的要死...和情人睡,醉生 夢死....和小妹昧睡,貴的要死...和老婆睡,整夜裝死....你今晚打算怎麼死?"

Feb 1, 2007

Said Chen, Min-Xun

田也空,地也空,換過多少主人翁 。

Finally WBLS is back online!

Yes! WBLS is finally back online again! Finally, finlally it's broadcasting its shows online again! What's been wrong with WBLS?! For the past a couple of months I've seen "Coming Back Soon" whenever I tried to listen to WBLS online. It's alomst 3 a.m. here in Taiwan, and I'm happily listening to WBLS, one of my three favorite radio stations (WBLS, WOR and WBGO). Now I can switch from WBLS to WOR, from WOR to WBGO, from Jazz 88 to WBLS, from WBLS to WOR, from WOR to Jazz 88 ... LOL! Thank God I'm still a ... alive, I mean awake!