Oct 1, 2007

How Do You Keep Fit?

I'm always asked the question: How do you keep fit? And my answer is always, "I never know what's 'on diet' like." No secrets, no tips, no nothing! Keep asking me the same question, and I'll reply to you the same answer.

I'm a vegetarain and like chocolate, ice cream and soft drinks very much. Does that help me keep fit? I don't think so. I do love cooking (high-calorie food) though.

Keep on eating; don't stop working. That's my way of life.

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robin09 said...

It's quite obvious that still many people admire slim figure. The mainstream value shapes the perfect image for being slim. It tells people that the extra fat makes you big,heavy,ugly,slow, and people don't like that. Unfortunately, if you're fall into the category of overweight, your deserve to take others' blames about your body. How ridiculous people are!