Mar 1, 2008

FW: Urban Word of the Day: pornacopia

Dear all,

Adults only, eh? As some of you know, I have been teaching adults English. And I just learned a new word myself: pornacopia [porn + encyclopedia]. Sounds cute, eh? Do not forward this message to anyone under 18 years of age. J
只有成人才可以啊?你們大部分的人都知道我一直以來都在教成人英語。而我自己才剛剛學到一個新單字:pornacopia [porn + encyclopedia]。這個字的聲音聽起來很可愛吧?不要轉寄這則訊息給任何十八歲以下的人。J

Happy Weekend!

育華 / Yu-Hua / Monica

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Urban Word of the Day

March 01, 2008: pornacopia

An over abundace of porn.

Jerry has a virtual pornacopia under his bed.

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