Jun 23, 2008

The Terrace Is Our Stage

I enjoy theater (theatre) and go to a stageplay once in a while. It was the second stageplay I watched by Taiwan Drama Performace. I went to it because I Am Your Dad, the first play I watched by them, was impressive. Overall, it was a deeply touching one. S had never gone to a play before going to The Terrace Is Our Stage with me, and she could not help crying in the middle of it because of some touching scenes. After the play, she said, "let me know when their next play is about to be on."


I went there with S yesterday noon. It's not bad, but personally, the side dishes were a lot better than the main course.

Jun 22, 2008


An old friend of mine. If you think he can be of any help, please contact him (directly). He'll be pleased to help you.