May 22, 2009


This year’s May 25 is especially special to me. Why is that? Because it’s my very first time to respectively/separately celebrate for two people whose birthdays is the same day. (Their birthday is both May 25.) One is my Amis godmother (she is my friend, but she is old enough to be my mother), and the other is a friend from Germany, Martina. They are 21 years apart. On that evening, right after I got off work from a bu-xi-ban/private learning institute, I headed to my godmother’s studio. She shared with me the glory and honor of her being awarded as the best industrious labor in Miao-Li County. Her friends, she and I chatted a little, and I said happy birthday to her. Afterwards, I went to the Qi Gong center to give her a couple of Chinese learning books as a birthday gift. I ate three pieces of the cake. We chatted until about 12 at midnight. And I left. When I got home, I quietly recalled the two birthday celebrations and had feelings. There are surprises everywhere in life. (I am so grateful that I can celebrate for two different people in two different worlds for their birthdays on the same day.)

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