May 5, 2009

發大菩提心 Vowing for bodhicitta/Great Bodhi

Vowing for bodhicitta/Great Bodhi (three times)
(In order to quickly attain Buddhahood/complete enlightment, one must vow for bodhicitta/Great Bodhi. By doing so, one can have the access to the steady way of witnessing the truth in Mahayana doctrine/the Great Vehicle.)

Today I make up my mind not to beg blessed rewards from men and devas/gods for myself,
and not to only learn from teachings of others, efforts of my own and various bodhisattvas in Hīnayāna, Interrelated and Differentiated.
I shall vow for bodhicitta/Great Bodhi based on the supreme vehicle.
願與法界眾生一時同證阿耨多羅三藐三菩提I wish to witness anuttara-samyak-sambodhi/unexcelled complete enlightenment with all beings in the realm of phenomenon at the same time.

Translator: Lin, Yu-Hua (Monica)
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