Jun 15, 2009

台灣不也是個孤兒嗎?Isn't Taiwan also an orphan?

I just read a short passage from “Depending on a Map.” It made me think of Taiwan. Who does this island, Taiwan, belong to? What country does this island, Taiwan, belong to? Isn’t Taiwan also an orphan?

「西望海峽的落日,豈不也是日不落國的黃昏嗎?然則一九九七會是香港的黎明嗎?這南海的孤兒啊,愛新覺羅早不要了,伊麗莎白也保不住了,而無論嚴峻的母親如何伸手要領回去,孤兒的臉色竟不見孺慕之色。」- 余光中 <憑一張地圖>
“Look afar at the setting sun in the west on the strait, isn’t it also the dust of the British Empire, who bragged that the sun never sets on her? However, would 1997 be Hong Kong’s daybreak? The orphan on the South China Sea, Aisin gioro already abandoned you long ago, and soon Elizabeth can not keep you. However the stern mother stretches her hands to take her back, to my surprise, there is no adoring expression on the orphan’s face.” - Yu, Guang-Zhong, “Depending on a Map”

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