Jun 9, 2009

Practical Sentences in Chinese and English 06092009

Practical Sentences in Chinese and English
June 9, 2009

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the/your ride/flight (with us). [You can say this to any newcomer, for example, a new student or co-worker. It’s humorous.]
You can look, but you can not touch. I mean the statue(s) of the buddha(s). What are you thinking about? / What do you think it is? / What do you think I mean? Beautiful girls?
(Always) come to class on time. You are welcome to come to class early if you want. If you can not make it on time, or if you can not make it to the class for some reason, give us a call in advance/beforehand.
Don’t be late for class/school/work.
Don’t come late and leave early, but you are welcome to come early and leave late.
If the coffee maker is not working, it might be out of water. Open the left lid and see if there is water inside. If there is no water inside, add some.
If the coffee maker is not working, you might have to remove the coffee residue.
(A machine, electric appliance, etc.) Is it working?
(A machine, electric appliance, etc.) It is not working.
(A machine, electric appliance, etc.) It is out of order.
I will get/ask somebody to fix/repair/mend it.
I will fix/repair/mend it.
May and June are Taiwan’s rainy season. / The rainy season of Taiwan starts in May and ends in June. July, August and September are Taiwan’s typhoon season. / The typhoon season of Taiwan starts in July and ends in September.
Can/Could you turn down the volume? I am going to make a phone call. (I am on the phone.)
Can/Could you turn up the volume? I can not hear it.
Sorry, can/could you repeat that?
You are wimpy/lousy.
The dish/food/drink is lousy. The movie is lousy.
(In a traditional market) How much is it for one catty/two catties? How much are these for one catty/two catties?
【一斤在中國相當於五百公克或一點五磅左右。一斤在有些東南亞國家相當於六百公克左右One catty is equal to about five hundred grams or one and a half pounds in China. One catty is equal to about six hundred grams in some other Southeast Asian counties.】
(In a traditional market) It is fifty dollars for one catty/two catties. These are one hundred dollars for one catty/two catties.
(It is/They are)too expensive. Can/Could you give/offer me a discount?
All right! I’ll give you a ten percent/twenty percent discount.
She is (staying) in the hospital (for a certain disease). She was hospitalized this Monday. No one knows how long she is going to stay there. (She is staying there until/till this Friday.)

By 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica
All Rights Reserved
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