Jul 30, 2009

Name and Personality 名字和性格

Years ago, I picked Monica as my English name just because I liked an African-American singer called Monica and the Monica in Friends, an American situation comedy.

According to Think Baby Names, the possible meanings of Monica are (1) “solitary”, (2) “to advise” and (3) nun.” Interesting. That pretty much says about me: being solitary, being a teacher to advise students, and being so into parapsychology, mystery and religion, etc. almost like a nun. What a coincidence! Unbelievable, huh?
根據Think Baby Names,Monica可能的意思有(1)「隱居的;孤獨的;寂寞的」、(2)「勸告;當…的顧問」和(3)「修女;尼姑」。真有趣。那還真像我:(1)孤獨的、(2)身為老師給學生指導、和(3)對超心理學、神秘事物和宗教等等深感興趣到幾乎像是一個尼姑了。真是個巧合!難以置信對吧?

How much do you know about your English name? Does it match your personality?

By the way, “For You I Will” and “Before You Walk out of My Life” are my favorites by the singer, Monica.
順便告訴你,「For You I Will」和「Before You Walk out of My Life」是歌手Monica唱的歌當中我最喜歡的兩首。

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