Jul 14, 2009

南無大智文殊師利菩薩摩訶薩 Paying Homage to Manjusri of Great Wisdom, Who Brings Salvation to All Living Beings

正行(讚頌)Core of Practice (Hymn)
(Accompanied by the hymn, one enters into meditation. Unification of the physical organism’s being at rest and the mind’s seeing clearly and resting in nature of the Void/immaterial nature matters most.)

Paying Homage to Manjusri of Great Wisdom, Who Brings Salvation to All Living Beings

誰之智慧 離二障雲 猶如淨日極明朗
Manjusri’s wisdom is away from the clouds of the two hindrances (the afflictive hindrance and the noetic hindrance) and is extremely bright and clear as a clear sun.

所有諸義 如是觀故 胸中執持般若函
Manjusri observes all the truth with a firm mind full of wisdom.

諸有於此 生死牢獄 無明暗覆苦所逼
All sentient beings here in the jail of life and death without light and darkness are repeatedly harassed by pain and suffering.

眾生海中 悲同一子 具足六十韻音語
In the sea of all sentient beings, Manjusri has sympathy for every sentient being which is like the love of all parents for their own children. The sound of the sympathy endowed with sixty rhymes

如大雷震 煩惱睡起 業之鐵索為解脫
and roaring as resounding thunder makes all sentient beings awake from affliction and liberates them from the iron chains of karma/deeds.

無明暗除 苦之苗芽 盡皆為斷揮寶劍
The state of no light and no darkness as well as the seedlings and buds of pain and suffering are completely cut off by Manjusri’s treasured sword.

從本清淨 究竟十地 功德身圓 佛子最勝體
Thus all sentient beings can follow their own inherent pure/Buddha nature to attain the tenth stage/the highest stage of bodhisattva and become the most honored ones as bodhisattvas with wholly complete merits.

百一十二 相好莊嚴 除我心暗 敬禮妙吉祥
Manjusri, adorned with excellent characteristics consisting of the thirty-two marks of the Buddha and the eighty good qualities, removes the darkness in my mind. I hereby pay homage to wonderful and auspicious Manjusri.

Translated by 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica
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