Jul 8, 2009

Practical Sentences in Chinese and English 07082009

Practical Sentences in Chinese and English
July 8, 2009

Don’t be obsessed with anything and anyone.
Always treat everything like it is nothing special and everyone like he or she is a nobody.
(1) (Don’t forget to/Remember to) watch (out) for your words and behavior frequently/often. [reminding for the future] (2) Watch your mouth and behave! [warning on site]
Lexus 是它的主牌Toyota旗下的副牌之一。
Lexus is one of the sub-brands under its primary brand, Toyota.
The floor in the classroom is completely covered with tatami./The floor in the second floor classroom is completely covered with tatami. [tatami: a traditional type of Japanese flooring]
A: (1) Where are the keys/my keys? (2) Did you see my keys? = Have you seen my keys? B: On the dining table/white counter. A: I’m so forgetful.
He/She has a few screws loose. = He/She has a screw loose.
A: How was your trip to China? B: (1) It was great. It was an unforgettable experience. I would like/I’d like/I want to go there again. (2) It was awful/terrible. I’m not sure if I’d like to go there again. = I’m not sure whether I’d like to go there again (or not).
(1) Shanghai/He/She/It/They impressed me a lot/very much. = Shanghai/He/She/It was very/so impressive. (2) They impressed me a lot/very much. = They were very/so impressive.
I’m taking a two-week trip to China and leaving this (coming) Saturday. [下星期六 = next Saturday;上星期六 = last Saturday]
I’m glad/willing to translate/interpret/cook/clean/gather the trash for you.
Don’t ask me to drive faster/speed up. I don’t want to get tickets/be ticketed. My job/task/responsibility is to take you to the airport safely and economically. Don’t give me a hard time. / Don’t make things difficult for me.
You speak fluent (Chinese) Mandarin/English. = You speak (Chinese) Mandarin/English fluently. [Chinese Mandarin = Mandarin Chinese = Mandarin]
You are flattering me. ∕ That’s a great compliment.
Hakka is my mother tongue/native language, and it is one of the various Chinese dialects.
Many people think the Hakka/Hakka people are thrifty. [the Hakka = Hakka people]
What do you call it in Mandarin/Hakka/Hokkien?
A: Can/Could you offer a cheaper price? B: I’m sorry. No discount. It’s a fixed price.
你吃什麼,你就是什麼。所以注意你吃什麼。∕ 注意你的飲食習慣。
You are what you eat. So be careful about what you eat. / Be careful about your diet.
He/She is not really good/expert at it. He/She is just showing off.
A: Sign here, please. = Please sign here. B: You are asking me for my autograph, huh? A: Nah, just a signature. Don’t be smug. B: Come on. I was just kidding/joking.
My mother’s/mom’s death had a deep impact on me.

By 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica
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