Aug 6, 2009

父親節快到囉 Father’s Day is Coming

Father's Day is coming!

How to meet your biological father again? Leave it to fate.

我相信今生打從娘胎出來之後的每一分每一秒見到的人, 都是「以前/前世」就見過的。那麼,「以後/來世」還會見面的。
I believe that “in the past/previous lifetime” we “already saw” each and every one we see at each and every moment this life time, and we “will see” them again “in the future/next lifetime.”

All sentient beings in the six destinies (hell, hungry ghost, animal, asura, human, and god), once our fathers and mothers, come and go and go and come nonstop without a beginning and an end.

For C. and all the other sentient beings.

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