Aug 7, 2009

為什麼我們是陌生人? Why Are We Strangers?

A typhoon day like today is perfect for studying. I will probably finish reading “2012重生預言” today. My reading speed is quite slow because when a short paragraph moves me a lot, I will chew on it again and again until my mind and spirit have truly received and understood the message. Before resuming reading, I will even follow the author’s account to “fly” to the then scene to “watch” and “experience” it myself for a while.

Before pausing to write this blog entry, I had finished reading page 97. Pages 90 and 91 moved me to tears. The two pages were about an unforgettable lesson from the spiritual class the author had taken:

The author volunteered to come out to have his own problem dealt without knowing what it was. The teacher looked him up and down, asked him to walk toward a certain way, and asked all the other students to surround him like a wall to prevent him from walking ahead. He started to push hard, and so did the other students. As he pushed harder, they pushed harder. The teacher suddenly asked him, “How do you feel about it? Say it out!”He was emotionally confused and did now know what to say. When he was about to give it up, he broke down and yelled, “Why are we strangers? Why are we strangers? Why are we strangers?” The repeated words shot at all the other students. He cried, and so did everyone. They all cried together.

I read the two pages twice in tears. What was it like? It was like as if I was there. While writing this blog entry, I sort of could not refrain myself from crying.

If you have a chance to get this book, remember to read pages 90 and 91 and feel it with your heart.

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