Jun 12, 2011

仁波切 Rinpoche

一直覺得「仁波切」這個詞很好聽,在口中小聲唸著「仁波切」這三個字的時候,會覺得好柔軟喔!《教育部重編國語辭典修訂本》網站對「仁波切」的解釋是「西藏對轉世修行者的尊稱。為藏語 rinpoche的音譯。意譯為珍寶。指經一定手續測試,證實為某一位大修行人的轉世,再來度化、利益眾生者。」
I have always thought that the term “Rinpoche” sounds very nice. When I was murmuring “Rinpoche,” I felt so soft! According to the website of a Chinese-Chinese dictionary published by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, “Rinpoche” is a respectful form of address to a reincarnated practitioner in Tibet. “Ren [with the 2nd tone]-bo [with the 1st tone]-qie [with the 4th tone]” in Chinese is transliteration of “Rinpoche” in Tibetan; it literally means “a precious one.” A person has to pass a certain series of tests before being verified as a “Rinpoche,” a reincarnation of a great practitioner coming to the world again to save and benefit all sentient beings.             

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