Sep 1, 2011

Five Words or Phrases a Day 090111

(n.) noun 名詞
[C] countable 可數的

the Strawberry Generation 草莓族
Not everyone from the Strawberry Generation bruises easily.

the Moonlite Clan 月光族
I gotta figure out how to earn and save more or I’m gonna join the Moonlite Clan. (I gotta = I have got to = I have to; I’m gonna = I’m going to)

purple-collar worker (n.) [C] 紫領族
I heard the average income of purple-collar workers is not as high as most people think.

pink-collar worker (n.) [C] 粉領族
People who hold lower-level positions are pink-collar workers.

frenemy (n.) [C] 亦敵亦友
Our relationship? It’s kinda complex. I guess we are frenemies. (kinda = kind of)

By 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica

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