Sep 2, 2011

Five Words or Phrases a Day 090211

ass-kisser (n.) [C] 馬屁精
See? That ass-kisser is flattering his/her boss again.

garbled text (n.) [U] 亂碼
It’s all garbled text on the webpage.

homemaker (n.) [C] 持家的人、家庭主婦
Mom prefers to be called a “homemaker” instead of a “housewife” because she is a feminist. 

rat (n.) [C] 告密者、廖北仔(閩南語)
You promised to keep the secret, you rat!

scam (n.) [C] 詐騙 (vt.) 詐騙
scammer (n.) [C] 詐騙者
scam gang/gang of scammers (n.) [C] 詐騙集團
I just got a scam phone call from a scammer trying to scam me for 100000 dollars. Gangs of scammers are everywhere.

(n.) noun 名詞
[C] countable 可數的
[U] uncountable 不可數的
(vt.) transitive verb 及物動詞

By 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica

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Cool and useful daily English!