Sep 5, 2011

Five Words or Phrases a Day 090511

cardiotonics/cardiac stimulants (n.) [C] (pl.) 強心劑
Cardiotonics are of various types. They have a strengthening effect on the heart or can increase cardiac output.

CPR (abbr.) = cardiopulmonary resuscitation (n.) [U] 心肺復甦術
The doctor is giving him CPR by breathing into his mouth and pressing repeatedly on his chest.

DNR (abbr.) = Do Not Resuscitate 放棄急救同意書 (also called AND, Allow Natural Death 也稱作允許自然死亡)
Dr. Sheng-Jian Haung has been active in promoting the idea of signing a DNR for dying patients to die peacefully.  

ECMO (abbr.) = extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (n.) [U] 葉克膜、體外膜氧合、體外維生系統
ECMO is for severely diseased patients whose heart and lungs no longer serve their function.

hospice (n.) [C] 安寧病房、安寧醫院
hospice care (n.) [U] 安寧療護
A hospice is a hospital for those who are dying.
Hospice care should be paid more attention to since Taiwan is facing its severe aging crisis.

(n.) noun 名詞
[C] countable 可數的
(pl.) plural 複數形
(abbr.) abbreviation 縮寫字
[U] uncountable 不可數的

By 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica

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