Sep 14, 2011

Five Words or Phrases a Day 091311

(Written on September 14, 2011 寫於2011年9月14日)

cervical smear (BrE.) /pap smear (AmE.) (n.) [C] 子宮頸抹片
Having a cervical smear test helps prevent cervical cancer.

National Pension Insurance (n.) [U] 國民年金保險
Nationals of Taiwan over the age of 25 and under the age of 65 shall participate in either National Pension Insurance or Labor Insurance.

(retirement) pension (n.) [C] 退休金
At what age can I start drawing my pension?

severance pay (n.) [U] 遣散費
How much is the severance pay for every year of service?

vasectomy (n.) [U] [C] 輸精管切除術、男性結紮
He had a vasectomy (operation) to be unable to make any women pregnant.

(BrE.) British English 英式英語
(AmE.) American English 美式英語
[C] countable 可數的
(n.) noun 名詞
[U] uncountable 不可數的

By 林育華/Lin, Yu-Hua/Monica

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