Oct 23, 2011

「Office Lady」這個字眼有啥不好?

以下英文原文出自維基百科對office lady(OL)的解釋第一段,我把它翻成中文,看完之後,覺得OL是一個帶有性別歧視的詞彙(純屬個人讀後感/個人意見,看倌

An office lady, often abbreviated OL (Japanese: オーエル Ōeru), is a female office worker in Japan who performs generally pink collar tasks such as serving tea and secretarial or clerical work. Like many unmarried Japanese, OLs often live with their parents well into early adulthood. Office ladies are usually full-time permanent staff, although the jobs they do usually have little opportunity for promotion, and there is usually the tacit expectation that they leave their jobs once they get married.

辦公室女郎,通常簡稱為OL(日文:オーエル Ōeru),是日本的女性辦公室員工,做的通常是粉領族的工作,例如:奉茶、秘書或辦事員的工作。像很多未婚的日本女性一樣,辦公室女郎通常與父母同住,住到成人期的初期為止。雖然辦公室女郎從事的職務很少有晉升的機會,但她們通常為全職且長期的員工,除此之外,通常有個不明文的規定,就是一旦她們步入婚姻,就得離職。


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