Nov 21, 2011

Learning by Reading 透過閱讀來學習 11/21/2011

“Over in the technology sector, the issue of unpaid leave – the cousin of unemployment – continues to plague and adversely impact employees. The furloughs serve as a constant reminder of the sluggish economy and in many ways, the dispensability of their labor. The longer the leave without pay, the less the workers believe they are valued and needed. It is the one thing for the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) to put pressure on companies and advise them against such practices, but another for them to recognize the problem for what it is – a growing market endemic requiring amendments to the Labor Standard Act.”

Gov’t must introduce tailor-made solutions to tackle unemployment
Editorial 社論, The China Post 中國郵報
Sunday, November 20, 2011

...sector (n. 名詞) [C 可數] ……業
technology sector 科技業
issue (n. 名詞) [C 可數] 議題
unpaid (adj. 形容詞) 無報酬的
unpaid leave (n. 名詞) [U 不可數] 無薪假
cousin (n.名詞) [C可數] someone or something that is similar to someone or something else 跟另外一個人或另外一個東西很像的某人或某物
unemployment (n. 名詞) [U 不可數] 失業、失業狀態、失業人數
employment (n. 名詞) [U 不可數] 就業、就業狀態、就業人數
continue (vi. 不及物動詞) (vt. 及物動詞) 持續、繼續 
※continue to v. = continue ving※ 
continue to plague employees = continue plaguing employees 
plague (vt.) 使……苦惱、煩憂、折磨
adversely (adv. 副詞) 不利地
adverse (adj. 形容詞) 不利的
impact (vi. 不及物動詞) (vt. 及物動詞) especially American English 尤其是美式英語 to have an important or noticeable effect on someone or something 對某人或某物造成重大或顯著的影響※Yahoo奇摩字典查不到這個字當動詞用時的這個意思※
employee (n. 名詞) [C 可數] 受雇者、員工 = worker 
employer (n. 名詞) [C 可數] 雇主
employ (vt. 及物動詞) 雇用
furlough (n. 名詞) [U 不可數] [C 可數] American English 美式英語 a period of time when workers are told not to work, especially because there is not enough money to pay them 員工被告知不需工作的一段時間,尤指因為沒有足夠的資金支付薪水時(暫時解雇、暫時解雇時期)
serve as 作為
constant (adj. 形容詞) 持續的、接連不斷的
reminder (n.) [C] 提醒物、提示
sluggish (adj. 形容詞) 蕭條的、異常緩慢的
economy (n. 名詞) [U 不可數] 經濟
in many ways 在許多方面
dispensability (n. 名詞) [U 不可數] 非必要、隨時可丟
dispensable (adj. 形容詞) 非必要的、隨時可丟的
※dispensable tableware (n. 名詞) [U 不可數] 免洗餐具※
labor (n.) [U] = labour [英式拼法] 替一家公司或在一家公司工作的所有員工、勞方
leave without pay = unpaid leave 
without (prep. 介系詞) 無、沒有
pay (n.) [U] 薪俸、報酬
valued (adj. 形容詞) 受重視的、重要的
needed (adj. 形容詞) 被需要的
the Council of Labor Affairs 勞工委員會
council (n. 名詞) [C 可數] 政務會
affair (n. 名詞) [C 可數] 事務
put pressure on 施壓於……
advise them against such practices 建議他們不要實施這樣的措施
※advise somebody against (doing) something※
recognize (vt. 及物動詞) 認清、認清事實
endemic (n. 名詞) [C 可數] 某地常發生的疾病或問題、地方病、地方問題 
amendment (n. 名詞) [C 可數] 修正、修正案
※amendment to something※ amendments to the Labor Standard Act  
the Labor Standard Act 勞動基準法

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